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Meet Miriam Rothman

Miriam’s specialties include teaching mindful meditation, helping clients identify triggers for their unhealthy behaviors, and guiding them to overcome their struggles. She specializes in working with not only individuals who are having difficulties in their relationships but also couples in crisis. She helps couples explore issues of reactivity, betrayal, and intimacy with the main objective being to drop blame so both parties are seen and heard in their relationship. In her work with couples and individuals, she is committed to helping her clients increase their vitality in life. She recenters her clients’ ability to be present in the moment, rather than distracting themselves with obsessions over past mistakes or future decisions.

Miriam’s work started over 20 years ago when she received her BA from the University of Southern California in communications and her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles. She has worked with patients dealing with severe trauma, as well as life transitions. In addition to teaching mindful meditation, parenting, and life skills she was instrumental in building the UCLA Dual Diagnosis Program. At UCLA she was in charge of leading psychotherapy groups that addressed a variety of psychological issues such as depressed mood, anxiety, impulse control and problems involving reactivity. Any of which can co-exist with a variety of addictions such as sex addiction, video addiction, eating disorders, and substance abuse.